Five On Friday

Today I wanted to share Five Favorites  I’ve had as of late that make me smile extra big.


1- Illustrated Faith Pen : This is the most A M A Z I N G  Pen I know you guys must say really Ellie a pen that deserves to be on a top Five list YES! Let me tell you I am a pen connoisseur you could say.. (just ask my kids and Hubby)

2-Bagel Mesa: These bagels are SO yummy! I found out about them via my Healthy IG account w/my Weight Watcher peeps. They kept posting these HUGE bagels and putting that they were so good and the best part about them they were ONLY 3 pts! (that’s a BIG deal people!) I said NO way the must look that big cause it’s a picture (hey doesn’t a pic add like 10 pounds?)

3- Watercolor Paints : I picked up a set that Amy Tan had posted that she uses which I love! I don’t have the best handwriting but something about using those paints make me so happy.. Did I mention they are only $5 ! #Winning

4. My Kinies Bag : This is my most EPIC bag. Hubby got it from Etsy (ok so I sent him the link) and although it comes all the way from Malaysia it was here SUPER fast! I love this bag. It has more pockets then I could even know what to do with! If your a mama this IS the bag for you! I was able to put my DSLR, diapers, wipes, my Ipad mini and toys and anything else I needed for my Beanie girl ANNNNND still had room but the best part is that it distributed the weight of the bag so well that I didn’t feel like I was carrying half my house in my bag! I love it so much already planning on getting another style of bag from them!

5.Yaso Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Stick : This right here another foodie find that was from my Weight Watcher gals shares. Let me tell you. To have one of this is an experience of pure glee and joy. No I am not exaggerating..Go get yourself a box and thank me later!


Well time for me to start my weekend!  Hope you guys have enjoy the last weekend of August. EEK… Are you ready for Fall?


Did you See?

Let’s see who’s been paying attention to my blog…. So do you see anything different? (besides my new header) I have taken the BIG step of moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress OH yes…

It’s been something I’ve been thinking of doing for a long time and well I thought well it’s NOW or never. I had made things that made me take the jump but that’s for another post.

For now I am having a few issues which I’m trying to figure out. SO frustrating but I hope it will be worth the work I’m putting in.

For now just wanted to let you guys know I’ll be working on the blog for the next week  or so and then I will have a Giveaway to celebrate the move as well as myself  getting Lifetime at Weight Watchers which has me SO Excited! Again….that shall be for another post!

Untitled design

Thank you so much guys for sticking with me and I can’t wait to share all the upcoming fun that I am working and planning! Here is to one awesome Fall!



30 Minutes to Focus – Hello Mornings

Today starts another round (6 weeks) to dedicate to focus before starting my day. This will be the 4th time I am going to do this. This round I didn’t join a group (which you could join a FB or Twitter or IG of other woman doing the workbook) I love the #hellomornings community I have meet some amazing woman whom I am still friends till this day.

It joins us by motherhood,our faith and wanting to learn. It is one of the most beautiful experiences that I have been able to do for myself.

“The idea is to simply use the first minutes of our morning to
wet our appetite for more of God, more intentional living and more
healthy choices throughout the rest of our day.”
(quote from the site)

This year during the six weeks  I am going to be using my bible journal I just received last week so I will be able to get a bit creative as I get into the word. I figured if I am getting a bit creative it will let me concentrate a bit more while I write each of the words,plus it’s another outlet to be able to get creative.

Some things I will be using this year are :

-Date Stamp (so I will be able to know when I studied the verse, I’m using my project life date stamp)
-Watercolor paints & pencil (I purchased at Micheal’s Craft Store)
-Pens (I used the ones I love including one from the Illustrated Faith collection by Bella Blvd)
-Journaling Bible ( I ordered it from Amazon)
-Stamps (Using what I have in my collection)

These are just  making me get more connected and really focus on what I am reading and learning. It’s an awesome way to start my day in the AM.  If your interested in joining just sign up it’s free as today was the first day it started so you can just download the workshop book you can join in the experience.


It’s been a while since I did one of these so here goes :

Watching : Usually The Mets Game.. As of late since the games are on when I go to my room at night so I just watch w/the Hubs before he dozes off and I bite my nails watching the rest of the game.

Reading : I’ve been working on reading the bible in depth and doing mini bible studies and using my journal together right now I am working on Matthew and just LOVE it.

Listening : Actually I listen to YouTube videos I guess more for background noise. I need to actually watch what I’m listening to huh? It’s usually a crafty video while I’m working on my desk.

Making: Schedules, LOTS of changes in my home and I really need to make sure I have everything set up (well as best I can at least) so it will go smooth. We are feeling so blessed, and looking forward to what is to come.

Feeling : Well I mentioned it above.- Blessed. July was one tough month and it was scary not going to lie but as I’ve always said everything happens for a reason and although at times we can’t understand if we wait we will be given the answers. Right now we are just overwhelmed by our Lord’s grace and love and can’t express our gratitude.

Planning : LOTS oh my gosh..Do I have plans but first I’m doing an overhaul of things with my personal things and hoping to make everything a bit more simple and I’ll share once I see my new system I put in to effect works.

The process of each day. How all seems to be coming together although it’s very slow it’s actually the speed it should be and so I’m taking everything with stride and enjoying the moments. Once school starts it’s going to go SO fast and so I’m trying to hold on and each this speed before we take off on the express train!

Oh and one more thing I am loving….

Watching this little one. She is so funny,sweet and SO smart. I love how each day she teaches us something new or shows us what new things she has learned.

To think of how she was born at only 27 weeks and the time she spent in the NICU and to see her now.
I am amazed and SO thankful each moment for her, her siblings and my husband.

Well with that I leave you what have you been up to currently?

5 Things to Do Before School Shopping




1. Lists : I know you guys must be saying Well DUH Ellie if we don’t have lists how will we know what our kids need. Well yes of course you will need those BUT do you make lists to stock up for let’s say that 2nd week of October when your kids come to you and say “MOOOOOMMMMM I need pens/pencils I don’t have any” knowing right well on that list you checked off the 175 pens/pencils they needed! This is why I also make my own list of extra supplies to buy. Ranking high on extra crayons, pencils and loose leaf paper. (Oh and folders) Now is the best time to grab these items as they the cheapest you will find year round. I have a special closet where I store all the extra school supplies to make life easier for when we do need it. Also make sure to grab some goodies for you. Hey who doesn’t love a cool pen! (or is that just me ha)

2.Just Label It: Another one that you might be saying but I do this already AHHH but trust me some things we do it naturally but I label EVERYTHING trust me. I use a sharpie for the backpacks (I write their names in the inside) and lunch boxes I put the label in the inside of the boxes because it can last longer. Also make sure to print extra labels for the extra things you will be receiving and purchasing in the coming weeks after school starts.

3. Snap a Picture: Ask your child to dress as if it was the 1st day of school and pose for you. This is another one that I’ve learned to do early because tell the trust usually the first day of school is madness. I don’t know about you but getting all my kids ready and out the door the first day is C-R-A-Z-Y! with 2 we take to school and one that is off to the HS and one baby girl it can get nuts SO I learned why stress take the pictures before that way you can pose and enjoy the time doing the pictures. That gives you a chance to print out those print outs w/their grades and document it.

4.Bulk is Key: This is when having a membership to Costo/BJ’s comes in hand. I like to take the kids and they each get to pick two snacks for each. Then I use those as snacks for either afterschool or lunch. I also make a list of future snacks to pick up when we return for another shopping trip. That way we don’t fight over what we are getting because we have a list already.

5. ENJOY the Process : Yes it is one of the craziest times during the year. Yes you wonder why in the world would your kids need so many sharpened pencils (make sure you purchase an electric sharper it is one of the best investments EVER at my house!) Sure you will fill like you will be labeling till your 80 but you know what time flies. It flies WAY to fast. So make these memories and enjoy them as much as you can live in the crazy busy, because before you know it you will be saying WHERE did time go. So if you excuse me I’m off to pull in my sharpener and get to work!


Word{less} Wednesday : Isy’s Beach Adventures

We thought maybe just maybe?

OK maybe not…”WHAT is this under my feet and what’s up with that water moving like that!!”

Daddy to the recuse. This is the story of Isy’s 1st time at the beach…Maybe next year the outcome will be different?  (We Hope)

3 Favorite Healthy Quick Lunches


Ah the never ending quest of finding something to eat. Nevertheless to make sure it’s healthy. For me lunch usually comes late which as a matter of fact as I was working on this post I looked at the time and noticed yup it’s about to be 3 pm and I haven’t really eat my lunch yet (although I did have my midday snack)

Today I wanted to share some quick go to lunches that I really enjoy. You can even use these as dinner ideas as I’ve used them at times as well.


I wanted to share ones that are super simple for days that you are so busy you might of forgotten to eat…Like well for me it was yesterday.

Grab yourself a yogurt and a Fiber one bar and you have a very yummy fulling lunch.You could also add additional fruit if you like to make it that much more filling. Make sure you have a bottle of water and you’ll be surprised how filling it is!

Soft Tacos (Chicken) 
For this I like to make the chicken in the crockpot (I’ll be sharing the recipe soon)and use fresh ingredients to make a quick and healthy meal. These are so yummy and again so filling. Depending on how much time I have to get creative w/my tacos some ingredients that I like to use are cucumbers,lettuce,tomatoes,and cilantro.

Another one of my favorites. Adding vegetables is a way to make it more nutritious and what makes it filling. This is a meal that I could have for dinner. If you follow me on my healthy IG account @healthyadventureswellie you will see how many different ways I’ve had this. You can make it as elaborate or simple as you like.

These are meals that you could make to take with you to work or premake it early in the AM and have it ready for when you need it later in the day.

What are your go to meals that you love that are quick and easy?


4 Things Keeping this Mama Sane


Ahh it seems we waited FOREVER for Summer to arrive and it’s gone so quickly that it seems it never happened. Well August becomes one of the busiest months for me as I’m sure for parents as well think the same the month before their kids goes back to school.

This Summers thus far has had some very deep roller coasters with changes and challenges but with God’s grace and guidance we have gotten through them.

As we did I had a few helpers that I know will be really needed once again as school is quickly coming upon us here.

Below is a little breakdown of each and who knows maybe one or two might also be able to help you.

My Planner :  Ahh let’s talk about this planner shall we. The wonderful Elise Cripe came out with this planner that truth be told I thought and thought AND thought about WHY did I need this. Truth be told I have a couple of planners that I was SO excited to get to use them but soon after it fizzled and I didn’t use them at all. So of course I was cautious into entering into another one especially since the planner was a bit more then what I had paid for other planners.  I decided that this would be it. My purpose for it was to get to work as this coming school year it shall be very busy. I also have things coming up that I wanted to be able to organize for myself. Little did I know how important this planner would become when we had that storm we had to deal with. Let’s just say it was where I was able to jot down everything keep it all together have numbers,place and everything else we needed to do and it keep me sane!  I am SO thankful for this planner. It has everything and more that I needed and I have been using it daily and it’s been keeping me together and on point I LOVE IT!

Coffee  Well do I really need to explain this one?  Ahhh Dunkin Donuts Latte how do I love thee let me count the ways. Sure there are people that like that “other” coffee but it’s not for me…I know although I do drink it once in a while I love my D&D latte. This is my usual AM drink. Hubby picked up the coffee so I could make it at home as soon I wouldn’t be able to get my usual but I only drink Dunkin and as long as I have that I’ll be a happy girl!

Journal Bible This is something I had wanted to give a go. I do have bibles and I do read it but being able to use my crafty love and the love of Jesus together WHAT could I really do that. Guess what YES and guess what it has made me get a better understanding of what I am studying. I have been able to go through different verses that I had once had before and thought it had one meaning but really studying it and writing it out in a way it will be highlighted has brought a bigger meaning to the word of God for me. I also have been doing a few studies that I incorporate into using my bible journal.

Weight Watchers : I must say that since I started my journey in January I have learned so much about how to eat to nourish my body not to eat just because I am bored,to stop when I am full, to think before I do eat. I love being able to make healthier choices. to NOT stress eat. I really was tested with that and for the first time in my life I didn’t “drown” my sorrows in a bucket of ice cream or brownies but just prayed and exercised! NEVER would I have thought I would actually workout instead of just eat something to feel better in the long run doing THAT made me feel better. I am two weeks away from completely hitting lifetime even though I had hit my goal a month and half ago I wasn’t getting the same benefits as if I was going physically to weigh in weekly to a official WW location. Doing so will make it so I will basically be doing WW for free as along as I stay in within my goal weight which really is awesome to me! I get to keep in check and still do the program that I LOVE! Once I do hit the lifetime I will share a Fun giveaway for one special person.. but that will have to wait till I get there!

Well those are my go to right at this moment which really have helped me so far. I am loving that I have found a “system” of things to keep me together. How about you what are some things that keep you together?


Adventures in The City

Today I want to share with you our adventure we had going down to the city to the Madame Tussaud. I must say I was a bit nervous to see how my littlest would react but as I must say she enjoyed herself as well. Plus they were very accommodating to us as I had a stroller and I was able to move about very comfortably throughout the whole museum

Here is a little bit of what we experienced :

We got to help Katinss from Hunger Games get through the woods. The Littles climbed all the way up our Lady of Liberty. Isy kept trying to get Pharrell to sing “Happy” for her. Of Course if we run into Biggie Smalls we have to give the “Brooklyn Pose”

It was so fun to see so many exhibits and be able to explore and have fun. What I liked was that unlike a regular museum the kids were able to interact with what they saw and touch and really learned even more if they had to just look at things. As you can see my Isaac got to play with Bob Marley!

The kids loved the museum and got giggles recognizing the scenes and people but what they REALLY loved was the Marvel Experience in 4D

Since it was in a “movie theater” I couldn’t take pictures but let me tell you my kids asked if we could do it again! We got shot at w/Spiderman’s web (air) We got splashed w/the Water from the fight that was going and felt like we were in the middle of saving the world as our chairs took us for a ride!

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I must say we give the whole experience a Ten! If you get a chance make sure you add going to Madame Tussauds

How about you?


This year I’m joining the fun again with Ali Edwards as we document a week in the Life. This year it will be documenting starting on August 17th which will be perfect as that is get ready for school week for us.

This year my kids start early so that will be a busy week. I truly am a firm believer in documenting the littlest of things because those are the moments that seem to be forgotten so being able to capture them is so important to me.


So I’m jumping in are you? What do you want to document.